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Nived Kannada

Nived Kannada | This is about me....

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My name is Nived Kannada. I'm a kid who is loving to make shortfilms.I've directed four Shortfilms.I've named my company Nanogalaxy. Now its a big company and I have upto 5 writers in my blog. My blog is Called Me and my writers writes about Technology and some other special things in it.Now its impressive and can be found in google just by typing nanogalaxy ! And I have an official website for my company which is in the top lever domain called ... There I'm the owner and I'm the manager.So I only share Official things. And my video site. And my socialblog which is the world 's first ever social blog made in blogger... But thats not really popular... But you can still write blog posts without facing any logins or signups !   You can also get a free premium looking Email id which forwards to your real email like this one: You can get it by visiting this Page

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Blogging, movie making, shortfilms, sony, Technology, Computer, Softwares

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